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Show Stealer - Musician's ebook

Show Stealer

When I was 23 years old I could not play a single note on guitar.

For years I would watch other people and even friends play in a band, rock out for a crowd, and dominate the attention.  I would seethe with envy.

I decided to take action.

That action took me to my first gig by age 27.

My e-Book documents the path I took starting from nothing to playing gig after gig, month after month at age 30.

I now play in a classic-style metal band called Night Mission. Come check us out if you are near Philadelphia.

riz alphadark guitar author of show stealer
Me – now a guitar player

riz on stage


I’ve had more fun in my life playing gigs than almost anything else.


Tossing someone a pick.
Tossing someone a pick.

There is no bullshit, only hard truth.  You put in the work, you make it happen.

As long as you never give up, you can be up on stage playing songs you love, even if you really aren’t that good.  

You just have to be better than the 90% of people out there who took no action or just flat out quit.

alphadark riz guitar


alphadark band
Me and bandmates Ronan and Sean.
riz and don jamieson in philadelphia before a gig
Hangin’ with Don Jamieson from VH1’s That Metal Show

So, help yourself to some rock.

And if you can relate to the final chapter, you better check in and let me know!

Come get some…

Riz guitar cigar

Show Stealer - Musician's ebook

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