It’s Charisma You’re Looking For

Charisma, young man.

Charisma wears the crown.

The king’s way.

Unbreakable loyalty achieved from a superhuman presence.

A magnetic aura alien to the average person yet attractive and comfortably hypnotizing.

Some are born with it.

Others slowly learn.

Some couldn’t find it no matter how many books they read, no matter how much they act like someone else.

The charismatic lets no problem wear him down.  There is nothing he cannot overcome.

His sense of enjoyment is painfully sick.  He relishes suffering, a punishing test of the will.

A twisted sense of humor.

Joy in the meaninglessness of it all.

Always with a smile, the charismatic man is not perturbed.  His emotional state is known only to him, but to others he is perpetually in control.

The smirk – a smile with a knife.  Let it be a lesson to those who must learn outward appearance.

This man decides what needs to be done, and does it.

A weak man is a flip-flopper working against himself.

The others will know.

A king’s speech – much said with little, the wit sharpened actively and at all times. The people find delight in your words.

A chance or new meeting is an adventure to the charismatic wise guy.  Mental swordplay can occur without notice and only the superior man is ready, and relaxed.

Poor body language – the bane of charisma.

Every aspect of your presence born from a state of mind.

Your eyes, daggers of confidence.

Your hands, the charming of snakes.  A delicate expertise.

Your legs, trees in the storm.  Firm, and unwavering.

High character in any situation.  The sum of all things great.

This is charisma.

Find it.

Be not bothersome or unaware of yourself.

Be pleasant and jovial, equipped with a joke or a trick.

Do not fight unless absolutley necessary.

Always consider the opinions of others, before destroying them without mercy.

Listen hard, listen well.

Confound, like a weasel.  Soar and burn as a dragon.

Always have a plan.  Have a plan for failing to plan.


Inspire the youth.

Encourage risk.

Fail by example. Deem yourself the fool.

it's charisma you're looking forAnd when the night is dark and the winds are cold,

when you’ve lost it all and pain takes hold,

when the sun comes up and the sun goes down

you are still you,

with your charismatic crown.


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