Guitar Time Warp: Play Slow to Play Fast

I got a few questions on how to play speed riffs, solos etc.  Here are some tips on slowing down time.

The confident, professional guitar player knows that he/she can play at the required speed, without hesitation or fear.  They’ve conditioned their brain to be able to process it with ease.

Become great by playing slow if you wanna play fast.

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  1. Funny. I got my rhythm technique from this album and their previous album. Down-picking just sounds heavier.

    That song was one really cool riff after another.


    1. I debate guitar players and friends all the time – what’s better, Ride the Lightning or Master of Puppets.

      I personally think Ride the Lightning barely squeaks by as the better album. More raw. Incredible song writing. Through and through an incredibly unique album.

      Not that Master isn’t. But I think the 2nd album is their greatest achievement.


  2. Ride the Lightning was more groundbreaking so it may be more historically significant. I’d put them neck and neck, with Master of Puppets having a slight edge.

    But then again, I saw them on the Puppets tour before Cliff died so I have a prejudice towards Puppets.

    Fight Fire With Fire vs Battery – Fight Fire With Fire barely wins

    Ride the Lightning vs Master of Puppets – Ride the Lightning barely wins

    For Whom the Bell Tolls vs The Thing That Should Not Be – tie

    Fade to Black vs Welcome Home – Fade to Black wins easily

    Trapped Under Ice vs Disposable Heroes – Disposable Heroes wins easily

    Escape vs Leper Messiah – Leper Messiah wins by a lot

    Creeping Death vs Damage, Inc – Damage Inc wins

    (instrumental vs instrumental) The Call of Ktulu vs Orion – Orion wins

    So song by song, Ride wins Side 1 and Puppets wins Side 2


    1. Funny, that’s almost exactly how one of my friends breaks it down. Rather than do a track by track by order, I think it should be done by strength of song.

      For instance, I personally love For Whom the Bell Tolls, and would take it versus almost anything on Master except Master of Puppets, Orion, or even Welcome Home.

      It’s a great debate that rages on for an eternity. I’m also a rare fan of the song Escape. I think it’s hugely underrated and it’s strange that Hetfield disliked it for so long. I saw them play it live for the first time ever in AC during their festival Orion Fest.


  3. It’s funny how fans can disagree on songs. The first band I was in, the singer/rhythm guitarist/lyricist hated Escape with a passion, despite Metallica being his #1 band of all-time.

    If I have time tonight, I’ll do it strength of song instead of track vs track.


  4. I prefer the album Ride the Lightning, even though Master of Puppets is my favorite Metallica song. I think I like how Ride sounds more primal, and I generally like the solos more.


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