Phenibut - The Most Elusive High

I enjoy taking drugs, especially performance enhancers, mood boosters, and mind melters. Every once in awhile I catch wind of something I just need to try, based on heavy research. […]

psychedelic eyes

As many of you know, I am a big advocate of psychedelic use. A responsible and well thought out tripping experience can have a tremendous impact on your life, the […]


There is a pretty significant “movement” going on around the web called NoFap. Chances are you’ve certainly heard about it by now. The idea is to go long periods without […]

Link Pimp - Whore Domains for Cash

The world wide web is full of opportunity. Now more than ever it’s absolutely imperative to get a presence online, business or personal. Get your ideas out there or sell […]

richard nixon with a clown

An article from 22 years ago resurfaces. To me this was immediately apparent from direct experience… “The Nixon campaign in 1968, and the Nixon White House after that, had two […]

always have a witty line ready

Let’s say you walk into a bar, you look around and find an open spot to order a drink. An attractive bartender pours you a glass and asks, “so what […]

Halloween - The Metal Holiday

Halloween is without question the most metal holiday.  Not only is it dark, twisted and full of mischief, but women use it as an excuse to be women. But let’s […]