The 3 Month Keyboard Challenge – Month 1 – Pain…

It’s been one month – do I suck?

Corresponding Lesson Under Attack – C Major “Hands Together”

It takes practice and work if you want to achieve something in life. Most people just don’t want to put in the time.

Highlights – 

1) PRACTICE IS EVERYTHING – I fucked up in this very video and left it in to make a point.

2) Rework anything you *think* you already learned.

3) Make time – give up worthless activities.

4) Supplemental boosters – weed, occasional Modafinil

Learn the basics first. I demonstrate the ability to play 5 different scales back to back, with both hands, in different octaves. The biggest challenge I have encountered is playing the C major scale using 2 hands and 2 octaves simultaneously, as taught in the corresponding lesson.


The Road to 3 months:

Week 1

The Beginning


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