About Riz

My name is Ryan, but people call me “Riz.”

A skeptic and philosopher.  God? never met ’em…

College…the lessons came from partying, not class.

Obsessive about heavy metal, classic rock and blues.

Could not play a single note on guitar at age 23.  Decided I want to be in a band by 30. Succeeded by 27 with obsessive practice and smart band “business.”

alphadark riz
Playing my first gig

SEO and online marketing psychopath.

 Mediocrity pisses me off.

I don’t buy the ticket if I can sneak in first.

Marijuana changed my course.  LSD showed me the world.

Ditched the rat-race on a quest for power.

Riz Makhaira

A well rounded man is a master of two…

The Alpha  – Break free from all that holds you back.

 The Dark – Embrace the harrowing chaos of man.

Together they form AlphaDark.

“The great madness”

Special thanks to Flickr user h.koppdelaney for providing kick ass imagery.