This will be my response any time someone offers me a drink for the next 60 days.

I’m sick of hearing people say it.

“I really need a drink right now.”

Why, so you can dull the reality that life sucks every once in awhile?

Accepting life’s misfortunes or dealing with trials can come to define a man.  I for one have gotten little out of the drinking culture over the last year or so.

I originally thought of doing this in December of last year, as you can see from this post draft menu.  Time to act on it.

no alcohol challenge

As of today, I will immediately embark on a 60-day no alcohol challenge.  The sauce is not a problem for me, however I continually fail to see the benefits of perpetual use.

I’ve been blowing money left and right for no reason.  Hangovers have chopped entire days off the calendar.

Not anymore.

Every Friday, I will post a report on estimated money saved, hangovers avoided, overall health, peer pressure denied.

I will end this challenge on Halloween, my favorite holiday.  If however I decide that a booze-free lifestyle is more appealing, then I may just continue until Thanksgiving or Christmas.  Hell, it would make Christmas actually mean something to me.

I will train myself to use the power of “no.”

This post was inspired by my good friend and blogger Ben Ahrens.

Read the day 12 report.

alphadark no alcohol challenge


  1. Riz this is perfect timing – I will join you on your Anti-Alcohol quest! Been wanting to do this now for a while, all I’ve lacked is the proper support from others to maintain. Let’s do this!


    1. The quest begins. I’ll rather enjoy being the only coherent individual at parties I invade.


  2. Enjoy. I like drinking. But I don’t get binge drinking. What’s the point of drinking so much that you lose a night of your life?

    I don’t drink in between jobs. I’ve done contracting when the money’s tight, but in between contracts, I have to be frugal so one thing I cut out is drinking. So 60 days would be easy for me.

    Good luck. I too list Halloween as my favorite holiday


    1. I appreciate a well made cocktail, no question about it. I personally have never gone through an extended detox from alcohol even from my college days. I feel every person should do at least 30 days once every few years, if you drink frequently.

      I enjoy Halloween so it would be a good time to swig a good scotch. I’m also interested in seeing the amount of money I would’ve blown at bars which could’ve been put toward my business, for example.

      How’s the album promotion coming along?


      1. It’s going great. Thanks for asking.

        Geez. I hate to talk so much about booze as you’re not drinking for 60 days, but just bought a bottle of Lagavulin 16 and enjoying that for now. My main drink is Buffalo Trace over ice. Very simple.

        When drinking beer, it’s Guinness.

        But I drink in moderation – daily, except one drink or maybe two during social occasions. Three will make a man fat.

        I stop at two.


        1. Discuss it at length. I encourage it.

          Favorite beer – Guiness as well.

          I completely agree, there’s no reason to get trashed. You lose your edge, a man without wits.

          This will be a case study in self-discovery. Perhaps this 60 days turns into 180. Only time will tell.


  3. Good luck Riz! I believe you can do it 100%. I think anyone who has mastered a skill (guitar) will be able to apply the same discipline to another field if they choose.

    And as you say – hangovers suck, diet, productivity straight out the window!


    1. Thanks JB. Should be no problem at all. Really looking forward to the health boost and extra cash in my wallet. I’ll be posting weekly reports for each.


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