NoFap – No Hand Experience


There is a pretty significant “movement” going on around the web called NoFap.

Chances are you’ve certainly heard about it by now.

The idea is to go long periods without masturbating, and in some cases any sexual activity at all.

My question is, have you tried it?

I am a believer, especially when it comes to drugs, that the only way to know is first hand experience.

When my teachers said “don’t smoke weed,” and my friends said “smoke weed,” I settled the argument by simply TRYING IT.

Turned out to be one of the best decisions of my life.

With NoFap, there seem to be many challenges – 30 days, 90 days, 1 year.

I decided to just forget about the counter and live it.

However long I go, I go.

If I break the cycle, and then enter another stretch, I will still consider that the NoFap lifestyle.

What follows is just some stream of consciousness, straight truth about what I have experienced so far.

  • Killer instinct. Without a doubt the will to dominate is elevated. I feel like if I got in a random street fight, I would swing until that son of a bitch gave up, blood dripping from my face. This feeling is noticeably absent otherwise…
  • Confidence. This is related to killer instinct. When I talk to someone, my eyes pierce their soul. My voice is firm and authoritative. I use greater discretion – no interrupting, well-timed interjections, forceful body language. Talking to women, I feel like my eyes push back on their “shit testing.”
  • Deeper voice. There is a noticeable effect on the voice, but it doesn’t come for maybe two weeks. Hearing it, the war drums of the soul come alive, fueling the killer instinct and confidence.
  • Clearer head, but only mildly. I’ve been taking a break from coffee, drinking booze more than usual, taking supplements, so it’s hard to say what is causing what. NoFap likely factors in here but can’t draw a conclusion.
  • An overall sense of “this is the right move.” Knowing that many guys are sitting there jacking off to porn while I am out getting shit done feels like a victory. Other men believe it is insanity to go long stretches without masturbation. I like being the one guy in the group that walked the path, to find out.
  • Witty flow. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. You need to develop your wit, practice your delivery, and know when to deploy. Expect your wit to come through, without thinking. Paired with increased confidence and a clearer head, this is ideal.
  • Delayed gratification. Another one you will hear from other reports, but good training for the mind nonetheless. Learn to put it off until later. This is a campaign.
  • The real “me.” Hard to describe this one. I feel like some primal form of “me” is coming out. Maybe it was always there, just somehow dormant. The idea of building up energy seems to fit here.
  • Powerful presence, on the spot. I got asked to speak to about 100+ people on a webinar, on the spot, with about 10 seconds notice. Normally I might get flustered or try to come up with something to say. Didn’t need to. It just came, with authority.
  • A lot of guys talk about the strange attention women seem to give you after you “hold the seed” for long periods. Nothing noticeable here yet. Maybe slightly, but nothing out of the ordinary. Perhaps I haven’t gone long enough, but unknown at this point.

Much like the no-alcohol challenge and the 3 month keyboard challenge, I like the idea of doing something few men are willing to do.

I am going to continue this lifestyle for some time, but I want to confirm that everything mentioned above is 100% fact and true. Firsthand experience.

I’ve taken a lot of drugs recently, so it’s about time for a review or two, what do you say.

I decided I will no longer be talking SEO on this blog. Too advanced and will be reserved for my SEO-only blog.


  1. Dude nice article, I’m on a year streak of NoFap and I can say it just keeps getting better.

    The past year for me has been a game changer, not sure if it’s all down to NoFap as I started meditating too, but I can say that NoFap has grown my confidence, improved my vibe and sent my self-development and discipline through the roof.

    I just wanted to say if you want a buddy in the NoFap space to chat with or be accountability partners just message me.

    Thanks for your report, keep up the awesome work,


    1. I think a whole year is epic status and the average dude will think you are nuts.

      This is a test of self-control and willpower. I’m currently reading the Meditations of Marcus Aurelius and over and over he stresses the need to forego pleasure, especially “unnecessary” pleasure, to lead the most fulfilling life.


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