alphadark the reward

I have just completed my 60 day no-alcohol challenge and I learned one thing more than anything else. Many people say they “should” do this but do not take action. […]


If there is one thing I learned from giving up alcohol for the last month it’s that many people seem completely baffled as to why I would do it. They […]

alphadark charisma

Charisma, young man. Charisma wears the crown. The king’s way. Unbreakable loyalty achieved from a superhuman presence. A magnetic aura alien to the average person yet attractive and comfortably hypnotizing. Some […]

alphadark sober report

Day 19 No Booze. No weed.  No trippin’. Mind The sharpness continues to be an excellent benefit of the straight edge. When I open my eyes at 6 am, I […]

alphadark no alcohol challenge

This will be my response any time someone offers me a drink for the next 60 days. I’m sick of hearing people say it. “I really need a drink right […]

gig crowd featured

The following is a gig report from my latest show.  I’ll add a post like this from time to time so that you can see what kind of progress I […]

no one cares what you're selling

I snatched an opportunity to pitch a screenplay to Hollywood producers by completely winging the sell. Back when I was in college, I had absolutley no direction and floated around from […]

avatage ninja sledgehammer_front

Changing up your workout from time to time by injecting some creativity and imagination can really get you into a savage ass-kicking mood. Let me introduce you to the Savatage […]

chasing the fox alphadark

I love running, exploring, and thinking. All at once. It clears your mind, keeps you in shape, and let’s you freely roam the local scenery. The other day I decided to […]