odysseus and diomedes stealth

In The Illiad, a cunning sneak mission is born of great fear and uncertainty in the Achaean warlords. A grueling bloodbath ends as Troy makes a powerful opening statement… King Agamemnon finds himself hard of sleep so he rouses the experienced […]

jesus legendary scammer

Convincing people you are a god would no doubt pile on more power, popularity and cash faster than anyone who took the time to earn it. The advantages are numerous and […]

body language puppeteer

Friends, low-lifes, dirt-bags, welcome to tonight’s show! Gain the upper hand on friend or foe! Open your eyes to see the light, A foolish man, a pleasant sight. What’s that? […]

nepal mask third eye

A quick story. This guy opened a local bar near me.  It’s been highly successful right out of the gate. After going for awhile I met him and spoke to […]

today is a beautiful day

“Today is such a beautiful today.” How many times did I hear it. “Wow, how nice a day it is!” Everywhere I went. “Today is quite possibly the best day […]

how to live with guilt

We all make choices. Some leave you with the burden of guilt, an anchor dragging down your thoughts, feelings, and emotions. Whether you inflicted harm on purpose or indirectly, this […]

alphadark the musician part 2

Part 2 of “The Musician” series.  Read Part 1 here. Following his success, the musician has gone mad with the urge to create. His skills have been honed on the […]

how to tell a great lie

If people have never met you, they will have a tough time detecting a confident and well planned lie. You can gain access to “restricted” areas and meet people you […]

how to tell a joke

Life is ridiculous. It truly is. No one knows what the hell is really going on.  We are floating around on a giant rock in space. Having a serious attitude […]