I like to talk metal.

Halloween - The Metal Holiday

Halloween is without question the most metal holiday.  Not only is it dark, twisted and full of mischief, but women use it as an excuse to be women. But let’s […]

makhaira - storming the castle

When evaluating the musical art form, songwriting ability ranks as the highest determinant to a band’s long term success. When I say long term, I’m talking decades. The latest catchy pop-tune that […]

clean metal power vocals

If you are in a metal band, chances are your vocalist has one of two styles – “clean” singing such as Bruce Dickinson or Rob Halford, or screaming/death growl vocals […]

Show stealer musician's ebook

Steal the Show. Are you an aspiring guitar player or musician with a bloodthirsty desire to get on stage? Are you suffering from lack of discipline and a willpower softer […]

dark side iron maiden killers

I wanted to share these great takes on some of my favorite album covers, reimagined from the other side by a Flickr Artist.  Here are some of my favorites: