Chasing the Fox

I love running, exploring, and thinking. All at once.

It clears your mind, keeps you in shape, and let’s you freely roam the local scenery.

The other day I decided to go for a jog, and randomly stumbled upon a small path leading into the woods.  Figuring what the hell, I decided to take it.

All of a sudden I’m in this local wildlife preserve.  I knew it existed but didn’t realize there were a number of trails that zig-zagged through the area.  Idiot.

I’m checking out red-tailed hawks, random fish in a pond, and grabbing tree limbs to crank out some pull-ups.

chasing the fox alphadarkAs I’m making my way down one of the paths, I see directly ahead of me this red fox, just trotting up the way.  He’s looking right at me but he’s still coming head on.

I stop and stare at this creature…just strutting around like he’s never had a dull moment in his life.  Proud of its latest kill… looking for a way to prove its dominance.

It walks within ten feet of me then turns and bolts down a fork into the woods…came and went just like that.

Right before he emerged, I had been reflecting on my life as a whole, and what I had accomplished. What defined my life? Do I consider myself successful?

Watching the fox sprint away despite being so close became an ever looping video in my head.  Had I let too many opportunities get away?

Two days later I’m on the opposite side of the preserve exploring some wetlands. I take a fork toward it-doesn’t-matter-where and look who’s there.

The red fox.

Walking up the path ahead, like some arrogant little beast, is my newest nemesis.

This time, he stops earlier and looks at me, but I don’t stop.

I unleash an all out sprint aiming right at him.  Wings of fire and a face from hell scorch the land as I become determined to stay with him…

Startled, he turns to run but there’s a lot of open space this time and I can track his every twist and turn.

This thing is fleeing in an utter panic as I refuse to let up.

He gets away…but it was closer this time

Life is sometimes nothing more than a constant chase.  A challenge presents itself, and despite a few failures the next day comes and another opportunity arrives.

The fox is there waiting.  I know he is, and next time we meet I’m going to try and get as close as possible for a picture.

Seize an opportunity.  Never give up.  Chase until you’re completely spent, and then chase some more…


  1. I have a question. There was an article, I think in here, where there are two guys who go to a rock show, and one learns to play guitar and the other stays in the audience, was that you in the story?

    I bet you apply everything you learned throughout that journey to every aspect of your life. (same is with me and the gym)

    Did you aways like metal?

    Ps: The guitar book is going great.


    1. That story was inspired by my own, indeed.

      There are guys who could play guitar really well, so it’s obviously possible. I just knew that if I never stopped working, I’d get there.

      Hard work is hard work no matter what the goal.

      The first band I ever liked was ZZ Top. From there, I found Metallica, and for me the bar was set high right off the bat.

      Metal is a great combination of blues, power, and speed. As with all things great – difficult to master, satisfying as hell.


      1. What’s your favorite Metallica song? (fade to black for me – that’s my childhood)

        One of my good friends is in a metal band, he was featured in my guitar video.


        1. Their best song is Master of Puppets, a true masterpiece. Also an invaluable song to learn for picking technique, palm muting, and stamina. I’ll be posting a video of what you can take from that song sometime in the future.

          My favorite is For Whom the Bell Tolls, as it was the first song of theirs I discovered, and I played it on repeat during my childhood.

          Also The Call of Ktulu and Orion, awesome jams.


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