Clean Through 19

Day 19

No Booze. No weed.  No trippin’.


The sharpness continues to be an excellent benefit of the straight edge.

When I open my eyes at 6 am, I am out of bed and on a mission. No brain fog, no weakness.


I’m cranking out push ups whenever I have 15 – 20 minutes of downtime.  I roll out the door for a jog without even thinking.  My body is ready for anything.  Overall it just feels like the pipes are clean, the engine revving.


Took the girl I met out again this week, but didn’t drink.  She didn’t either, so it didn’t matter in the slightest.  That’s one thing I’ve learned…stick to it, and people ultimately won’t care and will actually be impressed that you didn’t succumb like a weak little shit.

Didn’t go out last weekend, but headin’ out tonight to see a friend’s band.  The peer pressure and beer pressure will be heavy, but the will is strong.

Estimated $ saved through 19 days – $90.

I mean, I’m already at about $90 through 19 days.  It may not seem like a lot, but if you are like me and starting a small business, this type of extra cash flow can easily be reinvested into something important, or a monthly subscription that helps you out.

The heavy drinking and partyin’ can come later, when you celebrate the success from keeping your head down, and your nose to the grind.

The next update will come at the end of the month.

Read the 30 day report.


  1. Good for you man, don’t let the no-getters weigh down the go-getters.

    Day 19? Great start. But there’s still a long way to go.

    Don’t give in man! I believe in you.

    Just remember there’s more at stake than you realize. If a single drop of alcohol passes over your lips, you are a failure. You’ve lost the fight.

    You can do this.


  2. I might as well do this. Got crazy drunk last night and the morning… fuck. I think I will only drink when it is to my advantage: social/business etc. advantages.

    The country I just moved is so cheap and they offer free drinks to westeners so the money is not the problem… but everything else about alcohol is just horrible.

    There is this brief period in the beginning of alcohol high where you feel like yourself and it is awesome… but it is gone in 15 minutes or so and you keep trying to chase it with no luck… and the more you drink, the deeper in the hell you fall in.


    1. It’s all a great lie. Sure alcohol is fun now and then but your body treats it like a poison. We’re all familiar with poison, right?

      In the US we are constantly bombarded with shitty beer ads, “drink Miller Lite!!” on tv, on the streets, etc.

      People go out and get hammered because their “life sucks.” One way to fix that is to have a life that doesn’t suck, and there’s no need to constantly get drunk.

      College kids are young so their bodies can recover very quickly. As you get older, you really start to punish yourself if you binge drink.

      Here’s one of my favorite comedy skits on this topic and weed too:


      1. I have seen it: my father is an alcoholic. One drink and he is gone. It is all emotional dependence because her mother was a narcissistic bitch.

        Most of the people are just self-medicating with alcohol. Poison in small amounts can be good for you, and I really enjoy good scotch. Binge drinking in special occasions is awesome too; but the dependence on it is the real problem. Many people cannot even have get-togethers without drinking!


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