Coming Soon: Show Stealer, a Peculiar Musician’s eBook

AlphaDark eBook: Show Stealer

Coming Soon

At age 23 I could not play a single note on guitar.

By age 27, I was playing local bars.

How the hell did it happen?

My upcoming ebook will guide you down the path, from critical successes to absolutely devastating failures.


  • Getting past the immediate desire to give up
  • Learning in the age of YouTube
  • Not settling for worthless teachers/mentors
  • Maintaining a practice schedule that brings results
  • Joining or starting a band
  • How to get gigs and network like a pro
  • Secret final chapter – you’ll have to grab the book to find out…
alphadark stage presence
Learn to point at cameras from the stage

Anyone can steal the show – reach out and take it.


  1. Sounds like something I’d read. Already in the pretty good band and have an album released. Just trying to get more sales as our goal for our first album is 20k.

    Still would be interested in the networking part. Heck, if you got one good trick, it would be worth the price of admission.

    Looking forward to your email when it’s ready…


    1. First of all, great Iron Maiden shirt, huge Maiden fan here.

      Interesting goal of 20k sales – in today’s age most people buy tracks instead of whole albums, cherry-picking what they like, so keep that in mind.

      At the end of the day, I believe truly great musicians can

      1) Write excellent material that resonates with many people
      2) Provide an entertaining and professional live show with a “trademark” sound

      I’ll listen to your stuff and send you some feedback via email.

      Appreciate the interest.


      1. Thanks Riz. And yes, love Maiden.

        We have our stuff on iTunes (and others) as well, but iTunes and Google Play for one take forever to pay you, and as you said, people select and choose tracks. We sell our album as a whole on our site and you get it instantly and we get paid instantly. We get 30c per song from iTunes, Amazon, or Google, but the whole shebang from our site minus PayPal fees, which are not that significant comparatively. So it’s $9.50 vs $3 for a whole album sold.

        As for sales, we have no choice but to set our goals high. Our music takes more $$$ to record as you know, it’s much cheaper to pay studio musicians who play guitar, bass, and drums than orchestral musicians. The latter ask for more money (as, hate to say it, they should).

        I’m totally exposing my business plan to you here, but I have a feeling that you and I will be picking each others’ brains in the future. I have a guess what your site’s business model is going to be and would be more than happy to tell you what works for me and what doesn’t (although to be honest, we’re just starting so we’re following someone else’s business model right now until we learn how to fine tune ours).


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