If there is one thing I learned from giving up alcohol for the last month it’s that many people seem completely baffled as to why I would do it.

They are averse to change.

They lack the will to make a commitment and stick to it.

“I wouldn’t even make it a week.”

“A month is too long.”

A month is too short.

I saved about $60 since the last update by not blowing cash on a few overpriced well drinks here and there and it feels right.

I went on a third date with a beautiful girl and still have not had a single drink with her, where others might find it mandatory.  Booze for confidence?

A lie.

Set a goal and stop at nothing to reach it.

Mine is 60 days without alcohol, and I have 30 to go.

Mind – Sharper and sharper by the day. Zero hangovers. I’m up before the sun.

Body – Leaner. Meaner. Higher stamina when I run. Sleeping has a cleaner feel to it.

Total $ saved ~ $140

The peak is within my grasp.

Read the final entry.


  1. Drinking big amounts of alcohol is one of those habits the “modern man” sees as completely natural.
    Every time I say I’ll drink less or not at all, the others look at me as some kind of freak and it’s f*cking annoying.
    Good job, Riz.


    1. Booze will keep ya nice and dumb. Just ask a casino what’s the best way to drain your wallet?

      Why, get you nice and wacked of course.

      I prefer mind expanding drugs – those you aren’t “supposed” to take.


  2. I am in. I will be saying this with all my heart. I am all in.

    No more alcohol.

    I went to drinking last night and it wasn’t pretty. Close your eyes when you are drunk and try to feel yourself: your head feels bouncing, your body feels bouncing – everything is a fucking mess. You don’t feel anything real, only some messy noise.

    I cannot really see people when I am drunk. I cannot see myself, or anyone else. I try to see other people and I don’t feel anything. When someone else is drunk, I see eyes of a zombie. When I look at others, I see mine – and they are eyes of a dead man.

    And anyways, why the hell I have been drinking and “partying” for? LOL. You are supposed to party and explode with all your mates when you have something to party for. Maybe you just won a huge sports game with your buddies. Maybe you just made 100 000$. Maybe you just achieved a huge goal of your life. Maybe you are going away and it is time for a farewell party.

    I am so done. Thanks Riz for bringing this up. ps. site looks so much better now.


    1. Having 1 or 2 is fine. Getting drunk is where you lose character, unless of course you’re celebrating a momentous occasion as you say.

      Imagine if a fight breaks out. Imagine an emergency situation. Imagine you meet the girl of your dreams.

      If you are drunk, you cannot protect people. If you are drunk you cannot drive or potentially do what is needed to save a life. You might be a blithering idiot with no class and a dull wit when approached by a stunning lady.

      Try even a 30 day abstinence period, you’ll be glad you did.

      And what, my site used to look like shit you say? (kidding)


      1. Yes… when you are drunk you are less of a man. You cannot even get hard!


  3. “Set a goal and stop at nothing to reach it.”

    Wise words spoken here. Keep going, and don’t give up.

    Thanks for the progress update Riz.

    It only gets better from her on out.


    1. Goal completed as of today. I will be sharing what I learned in post very soon. Overall, it’s amazing how many people say “I should do this” and then don’t do it.


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