Danger & Dark – On Psychedelics, Spirituality, & Atheism

Recently Mike Cernovich from Danger & Play blog released a podcast episode about his DMT experience, spirituality, the divine, and atheism.  I found it to be a great discussion and wanted to continue it.

You can find that post here.

I agree and disagree with him on some points, and in general like to see other people discussing this topic.

I recorded this fairly quickly and off the cuff while reading his transcript.  When I refer to “bold” statements I’m referring to something he literally bolded on the transcript.

Works I refer to:

Sam Harris – An Atheist Manifesto

My take on LSD

1:10 – First mention of divine, atheism, Sam Harris

6:00 – “Atheism is not a logical position,” intelligence, religion

11:50 – Consciousness talk

13:12 – Mike’s DMT experience

19:45 – Pineal gland, third eye, LSD

22:52 – On “hallucinations”

30:00 – Taking psychedelics to understand the experience is the only way


  1. Hi there,

    I have some questions regarding DMT variants..Can you tell me the difference between 5 MEO DMT,5 MEO MIPT and NN DMT..I want to order DMT but don’t know which one to get??

    Also for deep spiritual awakenings do I try DMT or mushrooms??



    1. Hey Krish,

      I have not actually had much experience with DMT myself. I would check out erowid.org as they have a ton of information on psychedelics and also trip reports submitted by users.

      If you take a high dose of mushrooms, you can certainly experience a “spiritual awakening” but set and setting are of paramount importance. I recommend tripping with an expert or shaman, and I personally prefer to be out in nature.

      Terence McKenna is a guru on this subject and I would spend some time listening to his Youtube videos. Simply search for his talks on DMT and you can enjoy listening to him for hours on end.


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