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riz alphadark gig report

After almost 3 years on the gigging scene, one of the local bars has turned into our “home base.”

Every time we rock the joint, we get a fantastic crowd response.

Any nerves I used to have completely disappear. I know our set is going to kill and I get amped up like never before.

When we’re finished they ask, “when will you be back?”

Every minute of hard work over the years pays off time and time again, month after month.

I think back to the first moment of the journey, the inception.

I was smoking a joint with my friend Pat, and I told him that by the time I was 30 I would be in a rock band.

Here I am at age 30 – in a rock band.

It took about 4 years to get to the launching point, and 7 years into the mission I continue to reap the rewards.

They will continue to pay off until I decide to stop.

Which is never.

Now, I have compiled everything I learned into one compact e-book.

Much of it philosophical.


Critical decisions.

Blood-thirsty desire.

riz and ronan
My buddy Ronan and I moved into an apartment and started a band in the basement.

The stage feels like home.

If there is anyone out there who thinks this cannot be done, you are dead wrong. So many people give up far too early.

You have to want it bad enough to do whatever it takes.

I have miles to go on my quest but my current position leaves me quite satisfied.

If you have ever wanted to play in a rock n’ roll band, but have no idea where to start, allow me to help.

Zero background experience is required. I had none.

You’ll learn to cut corners and avoid painful time-sucking mistakes by learning from my failures.

And there were many, many failures.

At two points the burden put a lot of stress on my life, psychologically and financially.

Why do I call it a burden, you ask?

Because this has to be a life commitment. You are going for it and giving up is not an option.

You will spend a lot of time that will feel pointless and tiresome.

A year will pass and you’ll barely have anything to show for it…

Unless you make the commitment, and get the right advice.

I hope many of you have gotten something out of my e-book already, and I truly hope many more of you follow.

Listen, you’ll be dead one day.

You might as well wrack every fiber in your body to accomplish something great.

People will remember you for it…

or you’ll fade into nothing…

Show Stealer – A Peculiar Musician’s e-Book

Show Stealer Book

Join me, and one day get a crowd response like this:


Pictures courtesy of my good buddy Justin

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