The Show Starts Before You Start the Show

I have a nice gig coming up in exactly one week at a local theater.

It’s times like this where the most work is needed, until the deed is done.

Leading up to any major gig, I have a standard practice routine that is actually very simple and effective.

I repeat this routine for about two weeks or so leading up to the gig itself, while getting together with the band to practice 2-3 times within the same time period.

Remember, you should treat your band like a business.

Either you are prepared and ready by doing the hard work or you slacked off and are willing to risk it and suffer lack of cohesion and overall skill erosion.

My routine per day is as follows:

  • Guitar Aerobics workout of the day. – I like to keep this random and unpredictable, the way it’s designed. I don’t go to any specific exercise. I play what’s next on the list which challenges my fundamentals. Sometimes it’s easy, sometimes it’s hard. Get it done.
  • Two song review – I’ll play at least two songs all the way through up to ten times each. The main goal is to hammer down the timing and song changes so everything is natural when I join the full band. I should seamlessly and without thinking know instinctively what’s coming down the shoot as we play.
  • Free play jam. I take some time to just let it flow and jam for a bit.

Here are a couple videos I shot specific to the upcoming show where I’ll be playing the first solo to “Powerslave” by Iron Maiden.

Powerslave Solo – Learned it from a Pro

Darren Armitage Crushes Powerslave and Teaches Us How to Do It

Listen to the FEELING in this SOLO


Guitar Aerobics by Troy Nelson – Essential Practice Exercises

Buy it here and quit slackin’ off.

*** Gig Update ***

So how was the performance?

Not bad. Missed a few notes but shit, there’s always room to improve. Check out the video below. Had to use an iPhone so the sound is a little thin, but you get the point.

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