Listen Your Way To Greatness

Recommended “listening” while you read, the wine with this here cheese – Rainbow – Still I’m Sad 

There are times when you must admit you don’t know everything, or you don’t have all the information, or you flat out lack understanding.

Greatness comes from within but it thrives on the information shared by other people.

They will tell you how to succeed.

They will tell you how they failed.

They will tell you about their personal life.

They will reveal their dark secrets.

They will share their relationship issues.

They will talk about the boil on their ass.

They will “let you in on the inside.”

They will tell you who is getting fired.

They will tell you their travel plans.

They will tell you about surprise birthday parties.

They will trash talk your very existence.


Perhaps they don’t realize you are listening?

Suddenly…listen your way to greatness

You’ll appear to be omniscient.

You’ll absorb names.

You’ll hear the phrase “how the hell did you know that.”

You’ll know the tall red head likes a Crown and ginger.

You’ll already be in the house at your own surprise party.

You’ll know that the back door to the club is unlocked.

You’ll change your business model when someone reveals their secret.

You’ll know that Joe hasn’t been himself because his grandmother died. 

You’ll know that Sarah slept with Chrissy’s boyfriend, demystifying the utter madness.

You’ll drop the owner’s name while security tries to drag you out.

You’ll discover that the shy chick at the bar isn’t satisfied unless she has sex every day. 

You have two ears – one could be pointed in the direction of the person you are conversing with…

…while the other is focusing on the drunk argument on the other side of the room.

Quite the challenge, my friends, to listen hard and well while information flies all around you.

Strain your brain trying to follow multiple stories at once. Guaranteed to induce a migraine, but a powerful technique indeed.

Very difficult to do when you’re tired, I must add.

Next time you are at some shitty bar bored out of your mind, see if you can follow more than one conversation.

Listen your way to greatness by paying attention to as many people as you can at the same time.

Dark Challenge: Name drop to lie your way into the VIP section of a party.

Assuming you can hear, of course…

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