No-Booze War Room – Day 12 Report

alphadark no alcohol challenge one weekI began a quest to ditch alcohol for 60 days on 9/1/14 in order to see the positive effects it would have on my mind, body, and wallet.

The first report would’ve come after only like 5 days so I decided to wait until today to post an update.  As a long time herb smoker I also have not toked in over a month.  To reiterate, neither booze nor weed is a problem for me.

 How am I feelin’ after 1.5 weeks?


The sharpness is immediately apparent.  Waking up at 6 am is no problem at all, as there isn’t the slightest bit of hangover pulling me down.  Mental clarity in conversation and long, elaborate explanations for business related items are far more fluid.


My motivation to workout or go for a jog is higher.  Without the sludge of booze still clogging the pipes, I feel nice and fit.  This is only after 1.5 weeks.  Normally I would be drinking 3-4 times per week, and at least 1 night heavily.



There are a few situations where I would’ve bought booze, with a potential waste of cash flow:

Labor Day celebrations – almost guaranteed I would’ve bought a case of beer for myself to hammer through over the course of the week.  Didn’t happen.  Around $20 saved.

Weekend – Went out twice.  Didn’t have a single drink.  Average about 3 drinks per night usually.  Saved probably $24 or so.

Hot Date – Went on a date this Tuesday with a real babe I met recently.  NOT drinking in this situation was pretty tough, but I resisted.  When she asked “why” I said “I am on a mission right now, and there is no way I am giving in this easily, or just to please you.”

With a smirk of course.  She smiled, and I could tell she found this response quite powerful. Probably saved $20 or so not buying expensive drinks for myself.  Going out with her again next week.

Total money saved: ~ $64

Babes picked up – 1


The 19 day journal entry.


  1. Nice stuff man. Alcohol doesn’t have to be a part of anyone’s life and it’s sad that so many seem to accept it as normal. This is coming from someone who had his own little bout with alcoholism. It just ain’t needed.


    1. It’s true. I think this day in and day out need, 9-5 jobs stressing people out, makes ’em turn to the “legal” way of dulling the senses. Happens to also be a great way to wreak havoc on the body.


  2. Good luck with your quest! Anything which is a crutch, or you are dependent on, should be eliminated.



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