The Eye Contact Loser Clock

Last year when I was getting my business off the ground, I ran into this real son of a bitch that didn’t deserve a second of my time. Long story short, […]

Bring Out the Hook - Boo Undesirable Acts

I often imagine a world where people can only cheer or boo for a live performance, emphatically and decisively. Maybe I’m warped, but would the world of entertainment be far superior without feigned praise or […]

3 month keyboard challenge - week 1

Get Past the First Week… Don’t Be Lazy… Don’t Give Up Goals achieved: C Major scale D Major scale, beginning “Happy Birthday” in C Major Now better than 80-90% of people […]

clown playing piano

Goals Learn as much as possible on the keyboard using the strategies found in Show Stealer. Master simple songs and perhaps 1-2 intermediate or more challenging songs for a beginner (Star […]

alphadark black hat seo cheat to win

For the SEO sinners out there ranking a website becomes a leisurely, challenging activity to test your wits. You’re a fool to think that search engines can’t be manipulated. Right […]

alphadark acquires onion april fools

It has been determined that AlphaDark is an even finer news source, sources say. In a bold and thoroughly stunning acquisition, AlphaDark owner and wordsmith “Riz” took over sole control of The […]