makhaira - storming the castle

When evaluating the musical art form, songwriting ability ranks as the highest determinant to a band’s long term success. When I say long term, I’m talking decades. The latest catchy pop-tune that […]

riz playing guitar

After almost 3 years on the gigging scene, one of the local bars has turned into our “home base.” Every time we rock the joint, we get a fantastic crowd […]

odysseus and diomedes stealth

In The Illiad, a cunning sneak mission is born of great fear and uncertainty in the Achaean warlords. A grueling bloodbath ends as Troy makes a powerful opening statement… King Agamemnon finds himself hard of sleep so he rouses the experienced […]

It's About Time You Rocked

It’s New Year’s Day, but in reality that’s meaningless. Every day the sun comes up and the sun goes down and you do some work or slack off. Many people […]

jesus legendary scammer

Convincing people you are a god would no doubt pile on more power, popularity and cash faster than anyone who took the time to earn it. The advantages are numerous and […]

alphadark the reward

I have just completed my 60 day no-alcohol challenge and I learned one thing more than anything else. Many people say they “should” do this but do not take action. […]


If there is one thing I learned from giving up alcohol for the last month it’s that many people seem completely baffled as to why I would do it. They […]

alphadark charisma

Charisma, young man. Charisma wears the crown. The king’s way. Unbreakable loyalty achieved from a superhuman presence. A magnetic aura alien to the average person yet attractive and comfortably hypnotizing. Some […]

alphadark sober report

Day 19 No Booze. No weed.  No trippin’. Mind The sharpness continues to be an excellent benefit of the straight edge. When I open my eyes at 6 am, I […]

alphadark no alcohol challenge

This will be my response any time someone offers me a drink for the next 60 days. I’m sick of hearing people say it. “I really need a drink right […]