Stop Wasting Time

Time. It flies when you are having fun, and drags when you’re chained to a cubicle. But it’s always the same, every day, every week, every year.  It just keeps […]

Just Tell People What You Think

Not happy with your boss? Tell him what you think. Your wife keeps nagging you? Tell her what you think. Your friend won’t pay you back? Tell them what you […]

how to talk to a child

As a self-taught guitar player, I have cobbled together useful advice from many sources, both expert and beginner. One piece of advice stood out to me as particularly eye-opening, and […]

Learn to Be a Bartender on Your Own

Last summer, I walked from my corporate job because it was soul-sucking and just “not me.” I decided that I would need to completely redirect my career path toward something […]

How to Sneak Backstage

Sneaking into an event that you do not have a ticket to is both thrilling and highly rewarding. There are many skills and behaviors to hone in order to successfully […]

Stop Watching Internet Porn

Don’t even bother reading my post yet.  It’s best to just start here. Hopefully you got the point.  Internet porn has been around since the 1990s.  It is having […]