The Reward

I have just completed my 60 day no-alcohol challenge and I learned one thing more than anything else.

Many people say they “should” do this but do not take action.

That’s the difference between a successful man and a man that wallows in mediocrity for decades.

Some example reactions from others along the way:

“I could do a week…maybe…but 60 days??”  – A buddy of mine.

“I really need to do that.”   – Two bartenders who approached me at the same bar, asking if I wanted a drink, within minutes of each other. They said the same damn thing, a gut reaction.

“60 is too long.”   – In reality, 60 is nothing.  This is a snapshat to what could be an extremely beneficial and challenging life quest for those who struggle with alcohol.

“Are you serious man? You crazy or something?”   – The typical, conditioned response.  Everyone is doing it, so I should be too. Bullshit.

“Just have one drink…who will know?   – I will know, that’s who. It would haunt me for weeks.  Giving up on the mission. Unacceptable.  A challenge is a challenge for a reason.

“You should have waited until a different time, when not much is going on.  You’re missing out.”   – Something is always going on, and the alcohol flows. You either complete the challenge or you don’t.  Here are some tempting events where I stayed the course:

  • 4 dates with a beautiful new girl I met
  • A Philadelphia Eagles tailgate party and game
  • A Judas Priest concert, one of my all time favorite bands and the first time I saw them live – talk about personal willpower
  • Band practice
  • Attended 2 separate shows to see 2 friends rock out. Abstained at both. Must’ve turned down 10 free shots of whiskey
  • More than one weekend at the bar, more than one party

Based on a rough calculation, I believe in total over the course of 2 months I saved $250 by not spending on alcohol.  That’s a potential $1,500 over the course of a full year, give or take.

$1,500 that you could use toward your business, or toward anything else that gives you a ROI or improves an aspect of your life over the long haul.

More importantly, it is a discipline check.

You either have it, or you don’t.

People will throw you off course, or you stay rock solid.

I know my body and mind have benefitted from this cleanse.  I did not have a single hangover and easily rose at 6 am to hit the gym or to get working.  I put in 12 hour days and didn’t suffer fatigue.

I enjoy drinking a nice scotch, or a well made classic martini here and there.  Pumpkin beers are at the top of the list and I am looking forward to trying this season’s selection of brew.

I have COMPLETED the challenge. My discipline sharpened.  My will hardened.

That is my reward.

alphadark the reward

I will imbibe tonight to celebrate the accomplishment.

This makes it far more satisfying, instead of just drinking for the sake of getting trashed like the common schlup on a typical Friday after getting their mind erased from a 9-5.

Halloween is my favorite holiday.

Tonight I dine in hell.

Dark Challenge: When someone tells you their goal, test their character by taunting them. Play the game and see if they crack. Body language reveals weakness.

I have plenty of solid posts coming in the pipeline, including why I think Jesus was a con-man, the anatomy of a band original song, and the definitive guide to stage presence.

See you soon chumps.


  1. Congrats on going 60 days man. 60 is such a good number too. 30 days you might be able grind through with willpower alone, but 60 days is all about character. Lots of money saved, hope you enjoyed those pumpkin beers 🙂


    1. It’s character that matters. Few people build it, few people have it.


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