Riff Lord – Jeff Waters of Annihilator

http://amzn.to/1ijECA4I discovered Jeff Waters after seeing Joel McIver’s list of the 100 Greatest Metal Guitarists.

Jeff was listed as #3, and I would compare his riffing ability to that of Dave Mustaine, who was listed at #1.

Waters has a very distinct sense of writing, and the subtle licks and arpeggios that float in the background of his music really capture the character of his playing.  He has the ability to drop these chilling chords at will that thoroughly define the feel of a song.

Truly capturing the dark and sinister side of classic metal, Waters and his band set the bar far beyond the reach of today’s sorry additions to the genre.

There are so many songs to check out – pick through the albums Alice in Hell, Never, Neverland, Set the World on FireKing of the Kill, and Refresh the Demon.

He also released his own distortion pedal, Devil Drive, which I will be purchasing very soon.

Here’s one of my favorites – get inside the head of a chess…lunatic?

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