The Runner

alphadark the runnerThe heart pumps blood through your system as you feel the wind flush through your hair and face.

Birds soar over head.

The wind grants opportunity. Wings stretched, they scan the land.

You look up for inspiration.

They see a hill, your first test.

You pick up speed, breathing hard as your muscles burn with power.

An old man observes from a bench.  Poor sap’s time is nearly up.

A small child points at you.

You pass a tremendous garden, where the plants rise high toward the sapphire sky. Without the sun, life has little purpose.

Without fitness, a man embraces mediocrity, or worse.  His mind dull, his will soft as clay.

The birds remain overhead and watch as you kneel in front of a creek bed.  The fish fight to get upstream. You laugh as the smallest one makes it first, the underdog.

Music fills the air as you continue on.  Musicians in the park draw a crowd, playing simple songs all can enjoy.  They can’t sing very well, though…

A dog challenges your pace.  He is lively and determined to catch you.  A burst of speed wears him out.  He’s too fat.

A sign ahead offers an unexplored path, which you happily take.  It does not matter where it goes.

You see a girl, tying her shoes.  She looks up and gives you a suspicious, but enticing look.

You pass her.

Rapid footsteps behind…she’s giving chase…

Your sly grin has coaxed her into pursuit.  The birds watch in anticipation.

She picks up speed and reaches your side.  A real babe, she points to the steep climb ahead.

The dirt from her shoes whips your face as she accelerates in flight. This bird is about to get burned, but you make her believe otherwise.

She pants as she comes up behind you at the peak.  You cross your arms, an arrogant bastard.

Later that night, there’s a knock on the door.  It’s her…as expected.

She wanders aimlessly around the room, admiring your enormous bookshelf.

Your grip on her hair tightens as you tear the dress off.alphadark the runner girl

She wearies from your infinite stamina…didn’t learn her lesson the first time.

You kick her out, early the next morning.

“Train harder…make a comeback.”

You shut the door.



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