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how to sell linksThe world wide web is full of opportunity.

Now more than ever it’s absolutely imperative to get a presence online, business or personal.

Get your ideas out there or sell something. End of story.

The amount of people you can reach is staggering and you can make money while you’re asleep.

Domains are like real estate, but instead of depreciating over time they more often than not continue to gain value.

Most people don’t know this or even care, so they will do all of this work to build up their domain and then simply let it slip.

They let it expire or just give up years into a project or blog without selling it.

Companies go out of business and let their domain drift away like a fart on the Gravitron.

If you know your SEO, then you know that this opens a huge opportunity to just steal someone else’s work and make it your own.

Before we move on, I suggest you read some primer posts on SEO if you have absolutely no experience. They may be too advanced for newbs but it will probably clear some things up.

Note – these were written over a year ago but the information is broad and largely still applies:

White Hat SEO

Black Hat SEO

I am going to outline a process I go through to relaunch a neglected domain, automate it with content, and start getting traffic within a week of its launch – on autopilot.

Here’s an example site I launched on 6/7/16 and had 310 visits on the 7th day after being live, with almost no work at all and a bullshit design setup.

ranking graph

I repeat – I did almost no work to this site, and traffic continues to go up.

When a domain expires it goes to auction.

During the auction, you have an opportunity to bid on the domain until someone eventually wins.

They usually last about three days and this gives you an opportunity to do some research to find out what it actually might be worth.

To do this, we use some essential tools that any good SEO knows how to use: – “trust” evaluation – great crawler and usually has the most overall backlinks (sometimes) – “domain authority”

I put this shit in quotes because quite frankly domain authority is ambiguous.

The following is a brief overview of the process I go through.

I have a custom tool that checks multiple auctions sites at once, and filters everything by some essential domain metrics that I am looking for…

I run a scan and it brings me back domains expiring within about two days that match my desired wheelhouse.

I ran a scan just now (7/29 9PM EST) and here are the results. The first domain on the list seems decent and is aged fourteen years.

domain auctions


It could be a potential winner. The auction is going down on


opening bid


My all-in-one tool displays the Majestic Trust Flow right on the dashboard, however I like to put it in the actual Majestic tool directly so that I can figure out the theme of the site according to their analysis.

Here are the results. I like to set it to “subdomain” which is often what older sites used (www.), and fresh index (more recent link index).

The reason for using “subdomain” is that most of the time, this is where the majority of the backlinks are pointed. It just seems to be a trend on the web, especially with older domains.

I then look at the topical trust flow – here we have a domain themed around Society/Politics.

When evaluating Trust Flow, we are looking for sites above 20.

15 is passable.

10 is borderline spam or perhaps very new.

Lower than 10 disqualifies the domain.

majestic domain analysis

This is a potentially useful domain because we all know we are in the middle of one of the greatest election periods of our time.

My brain begins to churn with ideas on how to abuse this site to gain traffic and cash in the election news niche.

If you stop here and put your bid down, you are a fool. Here’s why.

You need to do one important step before putting cash on the table.

It is imperative to evaluate the history of the site, visually, to try and determine if it was ever used for nefarious reasons or shady dealings in the past.

This is important because you could waste a lot of cash on a domain that has lost trust in the eyes of Google over the years, or was converted into some tranny webcam SEO site for a few years.

You do not want that.

You want a domain that remained consistent or at least kept the theme and relevance going through its lifetime.

Sometimes you find what appears to be an absolute winner only to find that some Chinese dirt ball picked it up and used it as a link farm or PBN.

Let’s take a look at the history of this site. To do this, we’ll need to use the WayBackMachine.

I’m doing all of this, right now, on the fly…

Let’s start in the beginning.

Boring looking site, but legitimate. From Sept., 2002….

early site


A few years later – 2004. Still bland as fuck, but could have been a popular site…


a few years later


Let’s skip ahead…what’s this? Parked domain? Hmmmm..




A short time later…


link farm

Link Farm! This site is disqualified.

Looks like somebody already swiped this site years ago and whored it out for links.

Now it’s expired again and although the backlink history is pretty good, this site had its day.

Funny, because I was planning on whoring links myself, tastefully, and tactfully, of course.

If a site passes the WayBackMachine test, I usually then throw it in Ahrefs to double check incoming links and anchor text.

If the inbound link anchor text is something like:

air jordans

air jordans

air jordans

air jordans

air jordans


cock shaped bong

Site is burned, dude. Move on.

If a site is CLEAN, then I will put in a bid and move on to the next part of the strategy if I win.

What I do next will not be revealed step by step, because I don’t want people stealing my method.

However I will explain the idea, and if you have any experience in SEO you can try to figure it out for yourself.

Basically, I rebuild the expired domain.

I make it look pretty, throw up a nice logo and branding elements.

Then I auto-generate content that keeps posting and posting.

I also setup social media accounts so the site automatically spews out a feed to Twitter, FB, and a shit load of other social sites.


Over time, dumbasses follow this feed and visit the site. I am serving them shit they can find elsewhere but the key is I’m bringing them to me.

Think I am making this up? Here’s one of my Twitter feeds that is auto-posting. I’m rarely even there and people are retweeting my bullshit all the time.



That dumb twat Cenk Uygur even retweeted one of these to his audience, and so did the The Young Turks.




That’s a Twitter account auto-posting content that’s auto-curated on a domain I am whoring out for traffic and paid links.

I am not even there, and these dickheads are retweeting my shit to hundreds of thousands of people.




Once I set these sites up, I can monetize them in the following ways:

Google AdSense

Amazon Ads or Amazon CPM

Collect email addresses and retarget

Affiliate offers

Sell links on the site to chumps

Why can I sell links?

Go back and read this post if you forgot why links matter in SEO.

Over time, these dummy sites start to gain attention.

The stats on the sites are readily available for people to see. You can just plug the domain in to Majestic or Moz etc. to read the stats, like I did when I was first evaluating.

Receiving a link from a site with good “SEO stats” can influence your own site, and increase your rankings.

Other bloggers or marketers that are hungry for links to their own sites will often times do whatever they can to get a link on your site if it’s CLEAN.

You can EASILY ask $100+ for a permanent dofollow link if your site has good stats.

Remember, someone else did all the work, and now we are just “repurposing” their hard earned time.

By the way, buying and selling links is against Google’s terms of service.

I don’t give a damn, because there’s no way in hell they can know for sure.

People have been doing it for years, and I obviously don’t care if the link was even effective for the buyer.

Google spits out propaganda and fuckall to make you believe otherwise, but I’ve never been penalized once for this. It’s like “guest blogging.”

Still a skeptic? Here are some emails I’ve gotten over the past month, for the site with the Twitter account listed above:

This is some bitch that reached out to me for more juice in late June after a previous transaction a few months ago.

links 1

Earlier in March she approached me about my website whore. That’s four “links” she’s asking about…

early links 2.1


Another one from last week:

links 2


links 3



Guy had worked with me previously in March:

early links

Later the same damn day, another suitor emerges:


link sale 4


whored out


links 5

This site has taken it in the ass so many times for links and I don’t give a shit because I don’t care if it gets burned.

I’m building more and I move on.

As you can see many of these are casino links, because online casinos don’t have many options when it comes to acquiring links.

They are desperate so they pay.


All of this boils down to one thing, my friends.

Being in the know on SEO.

In today’s age you can win the internet if you know how it works.

People that blow off SEO are fools.

Oh, and don’t get tricked by the “gurus!”

They know everything about SEO!

Just put the right keywords on the page, and you’re good dude!

There is so much more to know.

I’ve taken the time to read the Google patents.

I want to know everything there is about online search so I can manipulate it and gain an advantage in any way possible.

This way dipshits like Cenky Uygur retweet my website whore to hundreds of thousands of people.

More free PR for me!


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  1. It’s crazy how easy you can turn an abandoned website into a money maker within an hour or so. I have not been following SEO for a while now and from the looks of it there be gold! In them thar hills!

    Great post and thanks for sharing!


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