Stealing the Show – 8/22/14

The following is a gig report from my latest show.  I’ll add a post like this from time to time so that you can see what kind of progress I have made as a musician in a regularly gigging band.

My act was called upon to play a quality outdoor show in Philadelphia at a bar that looks out onto the Delaware River.

view from the stage
The view from the stage.

We got a 10pm time slot which is ideal for maximum crowdage when bars close around 2 pm.

the crowd assembles
The crowd assembles

You know you’re doing it right when half the crowd gives you the finger!  Some people even watched from on top of the wall.

riz on stage
Fan fist bump
riz and ronan stage
Playing from the crowd.

Testing my new wireless guitar setup, we decided to harmonize some licks from the front row.

read Show Stealer
Read Show Stealer, damn you.

Gig Stats:

  • 67 person draw, crushing the pull of the other 3 bands combined.  Tied the record for any band for the 3 summers this venue has been in operation (according to the promoter)
  • $427 payout show stealer payout
  • ~ 12 t-shirts sold, $10 a pop
  • New show offer

What’s that? You don’t have time to learn an instrument?

Make time.  Be dedicated.  Reap the rewards.

If you want to play in a professional, hard-working rock & roll band,  my eBook can help you get there.  Anyone can do it with HARD WORK and DISCIPLINE.  Rock on my friends.


  1. Good job Riz. Best of luck to your band.

    I have finished your ebook and it’s quite good. I do think the path to success in any artistic endever is perseverance.


    1. Hey thanks Paul, hope things are going well with your record. Appreciate you checking in. Thanks for the kind words on my eBook.


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