You won’t get in shape sitting here reading this blog. You will by following through on what you learn.

avatage ninja sledgehammer_front

Changing up your workout from time to time by injecting some creativity and imagination can really get you into a savage ass-kicking mood. Let me introduce you to the Savatage […]

chasing the fox alphadark

I love running, exploring, and thinking. All at once. It clears your mind, keeps you in shape, and let’s you freely roam the local scenery. The other day I decided to […]

alphadark the runner

The heart pumps blood through your system as you feel the wind flush through your hair and face. Birds soar over head. The wind grants opportunity. Wings stretched, they scan […]

daily push ups

Your appearance is often the result of the action you take. There really is no excuse to avoid exercising, unless you are suffering from a serious injury or illness that […]