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makhaira - storming the castle

When evaluating the musical art form, songwriting ability ranks as the highest determinant to a band’s long term success. When I say long term, I’m talking decades. The latest catchy pop-tune that […]

It's About Time You Rocked

It’s New Year’s Day, but in reality that’s meaningless. Every day the sun comes up and the sun goes down and you do some work or slack off. Many people […]

gig crowd featured

The following is a gig report from my latest show.  I’ll add a post like this from time to time so that you can see what kind of progress I […]

alphadark the musician part 2

Part 2 of “The Musician” series.  Read Part 1 here. Following his success, the musician has gone mad with the urge to create. His skills have been honed on the […]