Show Stealer

AlphaDark eBook “Show Stealer,” a peculiar musician’s guide to playing in a band, starting from nothing.

clown playing piano

Goals Learn as much as possible on the keyboard using the strategies found in Show Stealer. Master simple songs and perhaps 1-2 intermediate or more challenging songs for a beginner (Star […]

riz playing guitar

After almost 3 years on the gigging scene, one of the local bars has turned into our “home base.” Every time we rock the joint, we get a fantastic crowd […]

gig crowd featured

The following is a gig report from my latest show.  I’ll add a post like this from time to time so that you can see what kind of progress I […]

Show stealer musician's ebook

Steal the Show. Are you an aspiring guitar player or musician with a bloodthirsty desire to get on stage? Are you suffering from lack of discipline and a willpower softer […]