Sneaking around for the aspiring ninja.

odysseus and diomedes stealth

In The Illiad, a cunning sneak mission is born of great fear and uncertainty in the Achaean warlords. A grueling bloodbath ends as Troy makes a powerful opening statement… King Agamemnon finds himself hard of sleep so he rouses the experienced […]

jesus legendary scammer

Convincing people you are a god would no doubt pile on more power, popularity and cash faster than anyone who took the time to earn it. The advantages are numerous and […]

no one cares what you're selling

I snatched an opportunity to pitch a screenplay to Hollywood producers by completely winging the sell. Back when I was in college, I had absolutley no direction and floated around from […]

listen your way to greatness

Recommended “listening” while you read, the wine with this here cheese – Rainbow – Still I’m Sad  There are times when you must admit you don’t know everything, or you don’t have […]

how to tell a great lie

If people have never met you, they will have a tough time detecting a confident and well planned lie. You can gain access to “restricted” areas and meet people you […]

How to Sneak Backstage

Sneaking into an event that you do not have a ticket to is both thrilling and highly rewarding. There are many skills and behaviors to hone in order to successfully […]