Should Ted Bundy’s Pornography Warning Be Taken More Seriously?


In a final interview hours before his death, serial killer and necrophile Ted Bundy warned that pornography played a significant role in his “distorted” world view.  You can watch that video here.

I posted an article recently on the current epidemic of pornography induced sexual dysfunction which is occurring in young men as a result of high speed internet porn.

There are some that believe that Bundy was merely playing his final card, a cop out to James Dobson, the evangelical Christian author and psychologist who had the chance to peer into his mind.

I am not sure what I would have thought before, but now that I have seen the studies on the addictive impact of pornography, and the endless novelty and dopamine it provides, I am certain his claim is true.

Dopamine, especially when it comes to sex and food, is what truly drives the addiction. It’s the “go get it” chemical and your brain produces it whenever there is an opportunity, especially to binge.

But if you keep pumping out dopamine the brain becomes exhausted and the same old candy bars or porn videos no longer excite you.  Novelty is the only way to get the same desirable feeling.

Today’s internet porn user has unlimited novelty on tap.  Bundy didn’t, so he had to create his own, regardless of what it took.

He discusses escalating tastes, the need for even sicker and diabolical deeds that would drive the demon in him to crack the whip and take control of his mind.

Many of the men on the forum, a site for recovering porn addicts, describe the almost inconceivable fact that their sexual tastes have actually morphed.  Despite being heterosexual, some men will watch gay videos, tranny porn, grandma porn, or whatever satiates their need to experience extreme, endless novelty.  The typical amateur college romp video just doesn’t get it up anymore.

Bundy claims to have been exposed to a violent sort of porn early in his life.  Cross that with the strange familial relationships he had as a youngster and it seems you breed a monster searching for the next sexually exciting experience – which in his case required escalating levels of abhorrent violence.

An older cousin of Richard Ramierz introduced a 12-year-old Ramierz to pictures of him raping Vietnamese women while at war, even posing with their severed heads.  Imagine this being your introduction to the world of sex…I mean really stop and think about it.

Ariel Castro attributed his behavior to pornography addiction after keeping three kidnapped girls in his basement for 10 years.  Like Bundy, he described himself as “otherwise normal.”

Only now is the true impact of high speed porn showing it’s ugly head – “The Great Porn Experiment” as Gary Wilson dubs it.

The question that immediately comes to mind – what the hell could possibly be occurring in the minds of today’s young men/women? What are we breeding? Any 8-year-old with an iPad can watch 4 trannies blow a horse if they want.  Their understanding of the world, and sexuality, must certainly be taking a serious blow (pun intended, my friends).

My younger cousin described how his friends watch porn in the back of math class, and the teacher is oblivious.  Can you imagine what the next 10 years could hold for the saturation of porn in today’s culture?  Are men going to require endless stimulation and instant gratification when it comes to sex?  Will there be strange patterns of addiction? Are women going to suffer greatly because of this?

Sex could very well be the most powerful of all the innate “needs” that a human could experience.  The desire to get after it comes from ancient wiring…some call it “lizard brain.”  It is far too early to know what the impact will be, as high speed internet hasn’t been widely available for long enough.

The future is unknown, but there is one thing I know for certain.

Porn is never going away.



  1. Fascinating article. Was always fascinated by serial killers but never heard that about Ted Bundy.

    Pornography. I think its one of the most interesting aspects of this generation. And we still won’t know the scope of its affects for years to come.


    1. There is no doubt that unlimited access novelty on tap will change people in the long run. The biggest science experiment is today’s smart-phone-crazed-youth, many with unlimited access at age 10.

      When I was like 16 dial up seemed like a miracle.


  2. Could not comment on your ‘The dark’ article. Very beautiful.

    As for this one, I do not believe it. Firstly, Ted Bundy was a psychopath and I believe that this was just his way of mocking all those who are watching.

    Secondly, I think that porn is just one of many ways of compensating for a lack of real intimacy and expression of masculine dominance with a real person. I can see how this behavior describes me, but rather a past me, I would say. These days, I have no girls, so I still watch porn, but I am pretty cool with boring normalo porn. It excites me to imagine that it is me and the girl is really into me and wants me to take her violently.

    My theory comes down to: Emotional trauma / core shame, thus dysregulation of nervous system, thus avoidance of real intimacy and self-love, thus need for compensation, thus all kinds of OCDs.


    1. Well, here is why I believe him.

      Now that we are in the age of high speed internet porn, more and more men are coming forward to discuss their problems with relationships, sex, etc. Much of it starts with the inability to get an erection or because they simply lack the ability to be intimate.

      The website sprang up as a result of this, and deals with the hard science about pornography use as an addiction, rivaling even heroin. Also, the forum is a huge community of men that discuss their problem.

      What Bundy describes here (video re-added, as I hadn’t realized the other one came down) is exactly what the science tell us. Also, many men have escalated into incredibly weird and extremely novel forms of porn that don’t even match their sexual tastes yet still get them off due to the huge shock factor from hijacking the ancient brain.

      Bundy says normal porn didn’t do it for him anymore, so he wanted to know what it felt like to try the real thing. VERY rare case, but it’s the same process described by so many men in a less extreme form.

      For the record, I don’t think porn causes people to become serial killers. In Bundy’s case, and with many criminals it is well known that sexual addictions form a madness that is so primal that many struggle to come back from it. If they have had a traumatic childhood or some other factor that causes immense stress, who knows what it can result in.

      I think right here in this video, he is telling the truth.


      1. I know that video. I always have to chuckle when I see it, because I find it obvious what he did.

        Here is my theory:

        As a foundation, I want to point out that while science does a great job of finding correlations, it is often less apt at identifying causations. Here is a Quora question I wrote, for example:

        What came first, the hen or the egg? Was the erectile dysfunction there first or was it the porn? Was it the man who rampaged or the violent video games?

        As for Bundy, I think you are simply giving him too much credit. He was a smarty. Here is what I think he did: He went to the library and digged up some popular explanations for this kind of stuff. He knew people would bite the hook. He looked at interviews with addicts and studied how he would have to portray the emotions to make it believable. Come think of it, do you not think that his presence feels a bit too perfect? Why do you think did so many girls flock to him despite being a serial killer? Why did he feel no remorse?

        If you wonder how I come up with those ideas about psychopathy, here is a blog written by a psychopath:

        As for myself, I always used to eat a lot of trash food. Since I solved an emotional trauma that I had had for my entire life, the wish to eat trash food kinda completely evaporated. I suddenly wanted to bury my teeth in bloody flesh. Suddenly I wanted to have sex with real women, wanted intimacy.

        Tell me, why should a healthy individual become addicted to porn? Or heroine? Or anything?

        Lack of connection. Lack of self-love. Lack of god, if you believe in him.


  3. When it comes to ED, it almost never comes first. We aren’t talking about performance anxiety here either.

    Watch Gary Wilson’s TED talk on porn in the modern age. It’s an eye opener. Hundreds of guys remove one variable (porn) and get their functioning dick back. It’s a problem with dopamine in the brain.

    What I don’t understand is – if he confessd to all of the crimes, what’s the point of further manipulation? I get that it’s just “who he is” but I think his breakdown of the reasoning in this case is actually solid. Alcohol also removed his inhibitions and once he got going, who knows if there was a way to stop him.

    Also if you look at some of the worst psychopaths ever (Dahmer, Ridgeway, Kemper), sex always seems like a primary motivator.

    I’ll definitely check out the site you mention.


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