Video Game Music Overflows with Badassery

super caucasian bros

Think about it.

You’re supposed to be some hero running through the jungle blowing away alien hordes.

And you have infinite ammo.

And you can play it with a buddy.

And it’s awesome.

Then that game comes out and within minutes you’re riding jet skis through the Turbo Tunnel.

At the time most Nintendo games utilized what they could to try and create music to accompany this experience.

Games like Mega ManContra, or Double Dragon had some badass brick wall smashing music.

I mean you are pummeling people in the streets with lead pipes and flaming barrels and full-screen-on-a-rope knife throws…so the music had to be great.

Check out my friend’s guitar project, video game music arranged on metal-style guitar.

The epic badassery from video game music mixed with the fast paced chugging and precision of heavy metal.

Super Caucasian Bros.

Here’s an example track.  Mega Man 4 Skull Man Theme.

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