Is This WebCam Sex Site a Great SEO Case Study?

Suck the Market Dry

I do SEO professionally and wrote a few primers in the past about Black Hat SEO and White Hat SEO.

Today I want to talk about affiliate marketing and the fact that there are literally possibilities everywhere.

Anyone who dabbles in SEO knows that the dream is always to make as much possible without doing shit.

You throw up some highly converting websites, use the cash to make more and repeat.

Once you have enough going you can make passive income and live off of it.

The key is to always be on the lookout for opportunities.

Every single day new products or services are released that need to be reviewed or milked. If you are quick to the game you can be ranking highly within a few weeks and “launch jack” the initial flood of searches.

I’m going to teach you how to recognize an “SEO’d” site and why they are important to study if you want to get into the game.

Today I was out to lunch with a girl I used to work with, killing some time before a client meeting.

She’s a good looking chick and hyper-sexual. Always talking about sex or finding a way to come back to it.

We had a long conversation that chaotically went from topic to topic but eventually we settled on the proliferation of internet porn and the fact that young kids have access to anything they want.

She asked if I had heard of a site called “Chatterbait” and I said no, but I’d heard of “jailbait.”

I’ll get back to the name in a minute but she described it as a webcam site where people fuck or whatever and others watch and pay them to do shit.

The idea didn’t surprise me at all but what did intrigue me was how much money these people could possibly be making from this…

Later I went home and Googled “chatterbait” and found fishing lures…

After more searching I realized she said “Chaturbate…”


It’s exactly what you would expect. People getting fucked or sucked off and others throwing away money to see more.

After watching some chick play with her friend’s tits for a bit, I immediately went back to search and typed “how much money do you make on Chaturbate.”

Not surprising, there was a result with the exact question (keyword) as the title of the page.

how much money do you make on chaturbate

On the surface it looks like any regular site, but one giveaway that it might be an SEO site is the fact that Chaturbate is in the domain name.

Very powerful ranking signal, if played correctly.

Let’s look at the site itself:


Clean, simple design.

Super easy to navigate.

Keyword-ish pages in the navigation.

SEO site? Getting warmer…

Notice the selection of links on the right rail.

This is great for SEO because allows for the flow of link juice, or “siloing” as it has come to be known.

This just means that pages link to other pages in a way that best and properly transfers ranking power and link juice internally on the site.

It also adds keyword relevance and exact match phrases just enough times to remain safe from penalties, assuming inbound anchor text links are not over-optimized (see the black hat/white hat posts for more).

As you peruse the site, notice the subtle use of anchor text to link internally. Most of the time it is some sort of synonym or semantic application to describe the target page, and in many cases is a market level keyword (meaning, something extremely broad).

On this example page, note that the word “earn” is linked to the page about “How to make more money on Chaturbate.”

This is good use of semantic keywording.

You’ll also note that there are affiliate links on almost every page. This might be the number one dead giveaway that this is an SEO site, but the links are placed tastefully and do not intrude on the “informational” nature of the post.

Just now in the middle of writing this, I decided to look at the Google keyword tool for some stats on Chaturbate.

The word by itself gets 20,400,000 searches per month.


That is actually the most I have ever seen for any keyword in the tool that I specifically looked up when thinking SEO.

I obviously know that the keyword “porn” for example would get way more than that but it’s just honestly shocking. Damn.

This would have been a hell of a niche to get into when it first launched.

Right now it’s probably saturated with Russian hackers and mob level SEOs that might kill your family if you outrank their site.

Let’s recap how to identify an SEO site with a quick glance:

Common Factors

  • Keyword in domain name, keyword in URL
  • Exact keyword as page title (usually)
  • Super simple and almost boring design so any fool can navigate
  • Correct internal linking structure, often links in the side rail to flow link juice
  • Subtle internal linking with semantic or synonym style keywords
  • Affiliate links on nearly every page
  • Shady backlink profile and low domain authority

Depending on the traffic and payout structure, this could be a 4-figures per day site, that might have taken only a few hours to build.

The point here is that if you know proper technical SEO, you can rank these little shit sites and take on the “authority” role in certain niches.

You can do this before a product even launches so that you are already there when it’s game time.

Some of these SEO “gurus” will tell you it takes years to white-hat your site and make a lot of money.

While this is true in some cases, when it comes to the keyword game you are far better off going gray hat or straight up soulless spamming black hat.

In order to rank these sites it’s going to require great on-page SEO and some links that you give yourself, of course.

Gold can be found everywhere people.

The great ones will go out and find it.

Next time you’re watching someone get railed, determine “what’s in it for you…”


  1. Does anyone know a good SEO company that webcam sites can use? I ask this because everyone I have contacted has either said they won’t do it because of adult content or I’ve looked up reviews of them and found out that they are nothing but a SEO scam that will screw up your site.


    1. Depends on the job. I’d be interested and also have friends that would consider it. Problem is, most people can’t afford the real deal.

      99% of SEO is a scam.

      Requires day in and day out work to even consider yourself “knowledgeable” let alone an expert, of which they are pretty fucking rare.


        1. The average SEO job, in a moderate to competitive niche, is thousands per month.

          All depends on existing factors and competition.

          Feel free to send me a direct message with some info on contact form and I’ll look into it more deeply.


  2. Hey so I am actually a webcam model, Male, straight bodybuilder.. i make decent money, however I have been researching SEO for the last month usually 15 hours a day or so haha, I have built multiple sites… how exactly could I rank my chaturbate page high on google??? using keywords on my page bio? in the title of course.. also build a PBN network and back link? parasites whats the best way to go about this thanks?


    1. Hey my friend – it all depends on the keywords you’re going for…

      When I first started, keyword research was the one thing I screwed up almost every time.

      In your case if you are trying to rank your Chaturbate, it’s likely you’ll want to have “chaturbate” as one of the keywords to rank for, for the following reasons:

      1) I don’t know the niche, but I am sure it will be very difficult to rank for something general like “male webcam model.” It’s late in the game now, unless you hack it but that’s more advanced. There could be openings but it’s all about long-tail keyword research

      2) “chaturbate male” gets 27,000 searches a month according to Google keyword planner, so you would want to get a piece of that. You can try and chip away with long-tail keywords like “chaturbate male cams,” “chaturbate male free,”chaturbate male chat” etc.

      3) If you aren’t familiar with PBNs, don’t worry about that, go more white hat for now. Do some outreach with other cam guys in the industry and try to collaborate and share links or traffic to starting gaining steam.

      If you are an all out newbie, reading about SEO will turn you into a mad person. Don’t get into PBNs for now. Build up your social profiles and get a presence on as many sites as you can. Interlink all of them, make some friends.

      If you know how to do keyword research, look for things people might be looking for in a straight male cam session, and list them on your profile page somewhere. List as many keywords or “talents” as you can but don’t keep repeating the same thing over and over. Say the same thing in “different ways.”

      Try to get an interview on a site that talks to webcam models, have them mention you page.

      Hope that helps – really hard to give a direct answer.


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