Brutal Honesty and Selfishness Will Attract Women

darkmanMany men fail to realize that in order to stand apart from other “lesser” men, you must be an absolute rock when challenged by women.

Stop buying drinks for women just because they are pretty.  Engage in conversation and maintain your ground.  Do not bend easily just because they ask you to do something.  Stare them directly in the eyes and make them impress you.

In the process, you will impress them.

Men with a dark side, often called “bad boys” are notoriously sought after by women, for reasons women sometimes cannot even describe.  They exude confidence, usually as the result of having a battle-hardened soul.

You’ve trekked through the shit-stained walls of hell and back.  You’ve been cast aside all of your life, only to constantly emerge a better man as a result.  You do not fear the presence of a woman.

You already know that you can show them a good time, should the opportunity arise. They begin to salivate at the prospect of a dominant man taking the lead.

Maintain a witty style of conversation.  Anticipate what she is going to say, and immediately turn it back on her.  Execute your quips with controlled body language.

Grab her hand and do something rash.  If you have a dark side, you’re not afraid to take risks.

You tell it like it is and at the end of the day, if your actions do not benefit you in some way, they were a waste of your precious time.

Embrace what made you who you are.  Your past is your story.  It makes up what you have become.  Be an arrogant, selfish, honest asshole.

People will love you for it.


  1. Yea but I think it’s more simpler then that my friend. . .

    I think its more about having fun then it is anything else. True happiness comes from doing what ever makes you happiest.

    Whether it be being an asshole or a sweet guy, whatever you think will make you more happier in the end is what counts. Why smoke screen yourself into thinking its the wrong thing? Everybody has different tastes.

    I believe all it takes is a little soul searching (non-religiously speaking) lol.


    1. Very true. This post is particular to my personality so you are correct, it generally won’t apply to everyone.

      It’s tough to get some people to understand this point of view, but that’s part of the fun.


      1. Not only that. He doesn’t know the difference between “then” and “than”. He’s a moron.


  2. Love it. Something good to strive for.

    The shit-stained walls of hell, nice. There is a part in me that understands this very well, although – with the bullying you experienced – you know hell even better than me, I reckon.


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